Monday, October 20, 2014

a letter Monday


10.30a    - Writing "thank you" note; drawing self portrait

12p    - PE (30x 2lb R&L curls, 50x 10lb bench press, 30 sit ups, 30x
      5lb leg lifts, 20x 5lb deadlift)

12.30p    - break

1.30p    - math worksheet,  double-digit addition without carrying, did without trouble
2p    - knex
3.30p    - done

Bit of a fit during the K'nex...the instructions overwhelmed her after a bit while it was getting towards the end of the day.  We had a pear someone had given to me at work, and there are more left over to bake with.  Tuesday will be a library day after I get home from work.  We finished up with Earth to Stella by Simon Puttock - I read it, and she listened at bedtime. 

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