Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mixie Eingeering Primary School core values

thoughts.. haven't gotten these 'approved by the board' yet *heh*
We are still on official break - and tomorrow should be a full day of school again

Mixie Engineering Primary School
is about:
Asking questions:
---and learning HOW to find answers.
---Reading and Writing
---Math and Science
---Building and Engineering
---Art, music, history, learning new skills

Trying hard:
---not giving up
---and working together for goals.

Meeting People in our Community:
---learning from each other
---changing the world around us for the better

"Tell me I can do this again, especially as I have thus already begun."

Being the nature of me, I have worries that we can do this right - get everybody working together and keep progress up.  I've read some unschooling things.. the flavor is right, being child-led, but we still need to direct here and there, especially early on here where her anxiety and fear of failure are still high from the bad school year.

I found a few great reasources to try
Daria world music
engineersweek.ie - they have a water pump idea with Archimede's screw I could see us working on
I remember Esme points at that one Astronomy book every time she sees it in the library..

Audio book reports?  as a step before written ones?
Making a choice calendar big enough where she can reach it - we set some of them - reading/writing park day etc, and she can set others like Art and Music as we go...

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