Tuesday, May 13, 2014

White bean soup with kale, mustard and red peppers

There was kale and 'spinach mustard' to be had in the garden today, as well as herbs.  I combined them into this recipe.

A small handful of young kale leaves, with as much stem as possible removed.
A small handful of spinach mustard leaves, same
a lemon balm leaf - partially dried
peppermint leaf - partially dried
cut red peppers from my freezer
a can of Great Northern or Cannellini beans, well rinsed
a little olive oil
some black pepper
a dash of red wine vinegar (go easy)
some oregano (used dried)
a tiny bit of garlic powder at the end.

I added this together in a medium saucepan with enough water to cover and simmered on medium with the lid on (steam holes open) for about a half hour - added some more water, simmered again until the kale and mustard did its classic look (see above) and the beans began to make some broth.  Served with buttered toast.

alterations that could be made:  Could run it all through a food processor and make a creamy type soup.  I've seen that in a lot of recipes.  Or, my instincts at the point I puled it was that I could make a butter and flour rue and thicken it up a little and maybe add a bit more garlic powder to it after that.  Instead I opted for the toast and a thin broth.  It would be really nice with some cottage cheese on the side, too.

Pretty good .. but I'd go much easier on the vinegar next time - I think I used a splash and a half when I needed only a splash.

In the Garden:  I put up the bean fence, weeded, planted a lot more things (I know... there is already so much there...but we are looking for useful jungle not grass jungle...)..

planted today:
more sunflowers
marigolds,cauliflower, rutabaga and radishes as weed management solutions
pansies (as a what the hey maybe they'll do something)
basil underneath the peppermint because something has finally took hold there
lots more pattypan squash (as I had killed one weeding)
dark star zucchini
cushaw (old package -put them behind the tomatoes by the gourds)
birdhouse gourds (dropped the package and had to pick up seeds... decided to spend it)
black eyed peas (Second round, first had failed)
Christmas lima beans in a pack from a friend last year
rattlesnake beans (treated.. yuck.. hate treated)
a cheap package of green arrow peas..
Ireland Creek Annie beans

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