Thursday, May 15, 2014


I got quite a bit done yesterday - finished that basket, transplanted the peppers into larger pots, washed some things, organized our desk areas again... did a lot of laundry...  Esme and I played checkers and we read a bit out of her Vision book (a new science book I ordered for her) before bed.

Not such huge plans for today.  I think I want to patch a few pairs of pants (my kickaround pair and one of Esme's) and make some button hang pockets for the headphones on my desk and my slippers at my bedside.  I'm still thinking about the slippers one - but the headphones one seems like it will really work and be useful.

The garden is looking nice and some things are continuing to come up - more beans, squash and cucumbers.  The poppies have not bloomed again but Mark had brought one in that did before the rain - and it is happy in a vase downstairs.

Daphne lost one of her nine puppies this morning - not sure why... sometimes it happens.  Esme saw it before she went to school but I just lowered my voice and said sometimes it happens, and she took the cue to not be upset.  I was impressed she took the same tone breaking it easy to Daddy - sad, 'low', but not overwrought.  Our DeeDee Great Dane mix is feeling a bit low after all this rain, as well... she is coming on eight to ten years old, which is very old for them.  She has a Parkinson's like shake to her sometimes, now - as does her sister Blaze.  They were from the same litter but DeeDee has always seemed more robust than Blaze in that way.. and now she is getting it, too.

Off to the workstation to clean it up a little and hope I will find some ambition.  With the cold chill from the rain I slept two or more hours this morning after Esme went off to the bus - and then Mark made breakfast, which was very nice... but I still haven't done much else yet but take a quick peek at the garden and sit in my knit blanket, shiver, and think ;)

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