Sunday, May 18, 2014

Radishes, kale and brussel sprouts in a brown sugar mustard sauce

I harvested radishes and kale from the garden, and threw the last of the brussel sprouts from the freezer into this.  It was enough for just me - but that was ok.. not really Mark's thing, especially with mustard :) He did make me a hamburger patty with lots of onion powder and black pepper mixed in with it to go along side this - and it was a great match.

Handful of radishes, sliced
Handful of baby kale, with stems pinched off - washed
About six brussel sprouts
One tablespoon of brown sugar
mixed with one teaspoon of olive oil
add black pepper
and a little lime juice
and about a tablespoon or more of prepared yellow mustard (or brown, it would work)
and a 1/3 to 1/4 cup of water (it will cook down later)
heat to a near boil with one extra tablespoon of butter (I mixed it all in a pyrex measuring cup, so this was easy)
pour over vegetables in a baking dish
Steam in sauce until sauce just begins to thicken and kale is thoroughly wilted, brussel sprouts are not frozen etc.

Then I put the onion and pepper patty on a good deli hamburger bun, sliced it in to eighths and used them as a mop up for the rest of the mustard sauce, which really picked up on the other spice flavors.

Good dinner :)
And no, this isn't becoming a cooking blog - I'm just excited to use things from the garden :)

In Other News : Esme's last week of school is coming up.  It will be a lot to do... then a whole summer to plan fun things here and there.  The pepper plant started flowering - the peas are about to put on pods.  I'm working on another sisal basket, hopefully with a lid... it is small... and I'm thinking of decorating the exterior with thread and/or paint.  Mark is tilling Grandma's garden, today.  I am happy to report the grapefruit peel oil and witch hazel combination seems to be working fine - I've used it three days in a row now.  I still have to strain it, and hope I don't lose the oil.

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