Friday, February 29, 2008

Crafting365, day 3: Horse gets a Rider and neat things on Flickr

Ride 'em!

I was watching Time Bandits the other night when I made the first red cloth horse. I had accidently cut out two horse bodies going in the same direction... which wouldn't work, so I ended up cutting out two horses the same pattern. When I was sewing the second one yesterday I couldn't get out of my mind the horse and rider that come through the kid's bedroom. So, a quick sketch and some scissor snippings later, this horse got a bowlegged rider. He isn't quite a cowboy, but they are definitely fast pals already.

Today I am making up lots more baby rag dolls. One needs to be a redhead. My niece Elizabeth is growing in lots of RED hair, surprising to everyone in the family ;) as the hair she was born with was brownish.

Neat things I saw today on Flickr:

Woolly_Fabulous' felt fish brooch
Shebrews seems to have quite an infestation of sock dogs.
LittleGirlPearl shows off beautiful dresses she has made for her daughter. I hope one day to be able to make just a simple sundress for Esme :) But I am always so picky about the details when it comes to clothing, which is why I usually never finish anything even for myself. But then.. I was told the other day that it doesn't matter as much on kid's clothes because they're always in motion and no one ever sees the tiny mistakes as long as they hold together!


Jennifer said...

Love the horse and rider!

Jeanne said...

Ah...a rider makes all the difference. He does need a cowboy hat though...8-)