Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baby gift and new quilt for Esme

I just had to make these yesterday :) It is a gift for a baby boy far away. A horse, a bunny and two burp/changing cloths :)

And this is for our baby. It is a new bigger quilt, as she has nearly outgrown the small bassinet ones. She needed somewhere larger to play on and have her tummy time.

She was grabbing the corner and shaking it.

I put several squares of the same color together again (how do I keep doing that?) so this quilt got a little lamb patch with 'Esme' embroidered on it :)


Chris said...

Sweet quilt!

Jennifer said...

What a cute quilt for Esme. :-)

mrspao said...

Lovely quilt :)

Kate said...

I like the horse - I tried to make one once and I could not get it right.