Friday, February 15, 2008

Mr Mousebear gets cloned

I hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day :) We had a pretty wonderful one here.

We took Esme to Jackson (an hour drive each way) yesterday for the first time. She did so well! She started making loud noises in the bookstore, but other than that she was alert and watching all the strange things for the whole trip. Luckily I fed her before we left so she didn't start getting hungry until the drive back home.

I'm not sure if any of you remember Mr. Mousebear that was made before Esme was born. At the time I didn't think much of him and had ended up putting him away with a few other unused things. About a month ago I pulled him out and gave him to Esme with the other toys I'd made. Since then he has become her ABSOLUTE favorite toy. She chews on him, pulls on his ears, tosses him about... it is so cute to watch. I really thought he was a mediocre or even subpar experiment until now. I'm sure it helps that I encourage her to chew on him (he's all cotton, so no fluff to get in her mouth). I think she's getting ready to teethe soon. He's also small enough I now let her have him at night in her bassinet and take him along in the car seat.

Esme with her Mr.Bear

Yesterday in Jackson I bought some various fabrics for cloning Mr.Bear. This is the first one. He has the same long middle, 9 inch high size and squishable arms and legs. I showed him and original Mr.Bear to Esme last night and she stared quizzically at the new one but didn't choose between them. I gave her back her own Mr.Bear and she hugged him tightly ;)

The first in a line of Mr.Bears for the Knitowl toy shop


Jeanne said...

She's only ever going to be happy with the original Mr Mousebear, so you had better figure out how to exactly duplicate him. Obviously the new one was just a poor substitute. 8-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeanne. There is only ONE real Mr Mousebear. That's just so cute.

Jennifer said...

If it's looking like Mr. Bear is going to be lovey, then make a few more and make sure she gets time with all of them. More than one lovey is very handy. My son took to a few different blankies, which is helpful. My daughter only bonded with one, and it's not as convenient.

RheLynn said...

Thanks for the advice Jennifer! It's a very good idea. I remember my little dog getting lost SO often and crying my eyes out to my parents until she was found. Esme was more interested in the red striped mousebear I made yesterday. She really likes red :)

Jeanne: The uneven legs and arms in the original Mousebear must be a design feature. I'll have to try harder to duplicate his asymmetry ;)

mrspao said...

How cute she is with Mr Mousebear!

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

Thanks for visiting My Poppet. Am loving your alien cookbook (being a closet trekkie myself -shh! don't tell anyone) i may come up with something to contribute one day. xx Cintia

RheLynn said...

my poppet: oh my! It's been so long since I thought about Science Fiction Cookbook at all! Thanks, glad you're enjoying it ;)