Saturday, February 23, 2008

of Fargo and Bunnies...

Sometimes I still miss the rabbits in Fargo, North Dakota. There were bunnies and jackrabbits running all over the city, even in the winter. Once in a great while I miss the little basement apartment I had by the NDSU campus. I spent long days there doing nothing but art, waiting for my next 'on' day at work and not really having anywhere else to go or be. There was a tiny baby bunny that liked to sit outside the apartment window that summer. I did watercolor drawings of him as he grew and sent them to my mom.

Speaking of rabbits ;) I made a batch of six yesterday and have four more cut out on the sewing machine. And these are just the white ones. I have a pretty brown pebbly cotton to make 'chocolate' rabbits out of this year.

Box of Bunnies

Esme would like to say 'Hi' to her Great Aunt Dot ;)
visiting the blog from Florida

There is a lady on Flickr trying to do what she calls '365 Toy', a toy made every day for 365 days of the year. Her name on Flickr is melingo wagamama. Lately, I think I'm keeping up with her ;)

UPDATE: I was so busy today! I made a new bigger quilt for Esme to play on and a gift set for a baby that is due soon :)


Arlene Babad, artist said...

Hi. I read your blog. I think you must get great pleasure making your toys. In a way it is an opportunity to relive a part of our childhood. You also know the great pleasure you are giving to others, particularly children. Arlene

RheLynn said...

Arlene: Yes I do really enjoy making the toys and other crafts :) I try to put a joyful spirit into each toy to hopefully carry forward to the child who will receive it :)