Thursday, February 07, 2008

Esme and Doddi

Esme isn't quite so crabby today. I was able to get a picture in before I went to town. It gives a better view of Doddi Bear's face than the last one :) Jhoanna is a very talented toy artist and uses so many different textures in her work. Here is Esme trying those textures out with her fingers. She is reaching out to touch everything now - her clothes, toys, blankets and more often than not my nose, ears, hair etc... Doddi's round fleece ears have already been in Esme's mouth as well ;)

I'm in Alien Monster Doll central today... there are stacks of them on the sewing machine and several lined up on the counter for the sewing of eyes and mouths.

Did you see the story of the baby thrown by the tornado here in Tennessee? Truly scary. I feel for both the poor mother (who died) and the baby boy who has to grow without her. If Esme was torn out of my arms during a disaster... *doesn't want to think about that*


Chris said...

Cute picture!

mrspao said...

Doddi is very sweet :)

Anonymous said...

I adore Esme's chubby little cheeks! :-)