Monday, February 04, 2008

A new friend from Down Under

Esme is 3 months old today! She has also received a new friend from Australia, made just for her by Jhoanna of One Red Robin :) Thank you Jhoanna!

This is Doddi bear, and she is almost as big as Esme is herself! Esme really liked the red striped legs. She reached out to touch them immediately. However, she has been quite cranky today. She was in one of her 'I want to be held and you have to be moving all the time during it' moods. When she gets in that mood she cries whenever I set her down or sit down myself. It can get quite tiring :( I finally took her for a bath and she settled down soon after. I just got her down to a nap a few minutes ago.

Elizabeth now weighs just about the same Esme did when she was born! I went through all of Esme's clothes and picked out everything Esme has outgrown. It boggles my mind. Things I put aside two weeks ago as too big are now fitting. It's time to pass the outgrown clothes along and return the favor so many of our friends and family gave when they sent them to us.

5 inch rag doll
pattern available
at KnitOwl toys

I’m also able to announce a new small toy pattern for KnitOwl. It is this tiny rag doll that is just the right size for baby hands. It is five inches tall sitting and eight inches if you balance it on tiptoe like in the picture. I made a similar one for Esme last night and she was turning it all over in her hands grabbing on to the tiny arms and legs.

Esme looking 'shell-shocked' at the flash


Chris said...

How sweet!

Jennifer said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Aw, cute!

mrspao said...

She is so cute with her new dolly :) Glad she settled down and you managed to get some rest.

Anonymous said...

Most welcome Rhelynn! Thanks for posting up a photo of Esme and the bear together :-) Hope they have many wonderful adventures together!