Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sally is confused! (and some things about her)

Where did you get this mini-me?
Sad News: Radar (kitten above) died in June, 2006 :o(

The girls are much more accepting, for some reason, of this little kitten than they were of the Grey manx! It is in dispute if this is their brother or sister atm.. we thought it was a girl, but it might be a boy.. The kittens will go to flea market next week --- we were too wrapped up in bashing code last night to get up early this morning.

I got my sample of gunpowder tea from Tea Chef. It smells very good! They reccommend some seafood recipes, among others.. which I'll have to try. The smell brings to mind oranges and either a robust cinnamon or a strong black raspberry with cream... I'll have to try my own recipe too.

If you really want to look at my math problem (not the pretty diagram, but a different one) I'll post a link to it in comments. It has to deal slightly with a part of Epicycloidal curves.

Link: dinosaur news

Some things about Sally:
in no particular order
  1. Her full name is Salamander.. but we call her Sally, Mander, Sally-Mander, Mander-Pander and sometimes Sally-Mandarin (her sister comes to the last one too.. she thinks it's the plural for cat...:o})
  2. Sally comes when she is called, most of the time. She will come right up to you and look up, even if you call her from just a few feet away. She does this for affection and praise, not for food.
  3. She is the lap cat of the two. Being draped across two laps is the best thing in the world.
  4. She will eat dry cat food, bread, cheese and tuna. Nothing else is food.
  5. Sally can turn on faucets. She would rather turn on the faucet to drink than drink out of a bowl (even right next to the faucet). She is not good at turning faucets off.
  6. Salamander opens up the closet door any time it is not barricaded. Sometimes she opens the door just for the fun of it, and doesn't even go inside.
  7. Sally wants all the toys -- no one else can have them until she is done with them. Sometimes she hides them.
  8. She races around like a little spider monkey when she is playing hop-chase.
  9. Her other nickname is Lemur, see #8.
  10. Salamander follows us(me) from room to room in the house, always wanting to be within sight of her 'people.'
  11. Sally is a very loud cat.
  12. She hates to be left alone, even if it is just in another room. If Willow is also out of sight, the world has ended. See #11.
  13. At first, we could only have one cat in our apartment. We asked for a second-cat clause for Sally. Our landlord was very cool.
  14. She was the last kitten in her litter to find a home.
  15. Sally kneesurfs in the car
  16. For a while, after we drove up North to Minnesota in December, Sally hated car rides. She is over most of it now, which is good as both cats ride to work with us!
  17. Sally finds a place to hide when she hears keys or jingly things.
  18. She is a 'gray tuxedo cat,' according to Wikipedia.
  19. Sally runs to hide when the vacuum or hairdryer are turned on. When they get turned off, she is back to bat them and make sure they are 'dead.'
  20. Sally licks Willow's head when she is sick.
  21. Sally bats Willow over the head when she thinks Willow has done something wrong.
  22. We are convinced Sally thinks I (Rhe Lynn) am her mommy, and she is Willow's mommy.
  23. Sally dives into the empty grocery bags when we come home from the store.
  24. Sally has 'words' for water, Willow, 'hungry' and 'want in closed place' -- they are very distinct. They are actually specialized cries - but we responded to them enough when she was little that now she uses them to get those things. Willow comes running when her sister makes the 'Willow' cry, even if she is in another room.
  25. Both Salamander and Willowpede will be 1 year old on May 15, 2006.

I'll do Willow's list later ;o)


Dee said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk! I love them!

Chris said...

Oh, how cute!!

Hee hee, we thought Chaos was a girl for the first 10 weeks of her, er, his life. :) And then... no question.

Anonymous said...

What a cute kitten!!! I can't look at your math. My head will explode.

RheLynn said...

susan: mine still might, explode, that is ;o)

Chris: I remember! I thought of that when 3 different adults couldn't comme to a consensus.. I guess we'll have to wait. If it's a boy, it might get kept. If a girl -- off to the flea market! :o(

BTW: take a look at Sally that kitten's faces -- almost identical assymetrical splotches... how weirdly similar! ;o)

Chris said...

I noticed with the face splotches!

Great Sally list. Chaos and Sally share LOUDNESS. :)

Rhiannon said...

Mmmmm... I just checked out your tea link, lots of good stuff! Do you usually make your own (no store bought tea bags)?

Carrie K said...

Mini-me! They are adorable. Here's hoping she's a boy. Wait. Uh, yeah. That's what I meant. I think, lol. They match so well! It's like fate. Fate to have another cat! Don't resist the force......

I'd love to look at your math - not that I'd understand it, I'm sure. I'm just like that.

Sheba shared loudness w/Sally and Chaos. I couldn't have smuggled her anywhere, that's for sure.

Oh, okay on the houndstooth kitty. It is cute, but I think I'll wait and get one of your adorable creations.

RheLynn said...

Rhiannon: A 4 cup coffee maker and a stainless steel tea ball will never fail you to make great tea.. no tea bags needed! Just make sure you get a tea ball with a good hasp, or you'll be straining.

Carrie K - the math problem is at this link if you dare... I might get a bit further on it this weekend.