Friday, October 20, 2017

A wire and rope hinge gate

 The finished gate - it's functional and it locks.

 We looked for metal hinges and couldn't find any - so we made a hinge out of a piece of wire and a hook, a board and some nylon rope.  I couldn't find this on the Internet anywhere, either - so we documented it.
 A very massive knot of rope through two holes drilled in the board.  Mark said its a nice piece of redneck engineering.

 Spud Dog decided it was all just too exciting for him and Esme got pictures of him vegging out in the leaves.

 The main purpose of the fence was to keep the goat from digging up the plants near the well house when we tie her string out longer in this area.  With it contained we can put some more Spring bulbs in here to add to the daffodils, rose bush and tulips that are already planted here.  I might even make a brick pathway inside here to keep everything easy to access...

 And there is a lot of sharp metal and glass in the area near the wellhouse, and we wanted to contain that as well behind a fence.  We intend to clean it up some more in the Spring and maybe build another set of stairs and a platform for the cats to have a lounging area out here.

Mark pointing out the hook wire mechanism and lock that he is proud of on the gate.

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