Thursday, October 26, 2017

Migraine, get up and dance

Another one of these.. not sure if it is because I ate so much sugar yesterday and then read for hours and napped in a warm bed  ... but it might just have been due.  I'd been pretty stressed out, and stress headaches happen.  So about 3:30 am I just couldn't sleep any more.  Had a hot bath.  Wish I could sometimes just immerse the top of my head in warm water for hours.. right up to my eyes.. but there are breathing problems with that once you relax.  Heh.  And the water heater runs out if I sit with my head under the faucet, which I do, until it runs out.

Anyway.  I had nausea, too.  Wasn't sure if I wanted to eat or throw up.  I hate that worse...  Cut my hair (have to clean it up later) but it didn't help enough.   My stomach finally decided it was empty, but I didn't want to eat anything.  Made some hot coffee and put on my music - as I can't read when the migraine gets this way, but I can listen.

After Summer and Let it Go by Great Big Sea I turned to Eye to the Telescope - and got up to move.. dance, slide etc.. the coffee might have been working or I just took some of the words to heart and decided to follow my instincts.  I felt so much better after a little while, made some food (biscuits with butter and maple syrup.. lots of carbs) and rocked out.  It's almost time to get Esme up for school now, and I'm feeling a lot better.  The pain is still there, but buried a bit.  My next instinct is to enjoy some sun instead of hot water.. whenever it comes up.  It's cold out there, but I would like to be outside for a while when it warms up. 

If it wasn't for the chance of poison ivy (which is getting much better, only a few blisters left here and there and most of the places I scratched my skin off have healed up to look like dry skin patches instead of a rash) I'd go out into the woods and down by the lake.

I'm enjoying the Magnus Chase book (Rick Riordan author).. it's funny. It kept me sitting in the bed (it's cold) reading it for a few hours yesterday after Esme got home from school.  Then the warmth of the bed sapped me down for an hour and a half.  Napping like that often throws me off.. but maybe I can get through it.  Cleaning up the bad haircut I gave myself is going to be a chore... not as bad as sometimes, but a bit shorter than I should have, too.

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