Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We had enough stuff in the plumbing box of odds and ends to fix the shower head today - it fell off (on poor Esme) last night.  She was calm and cool, turned it off, shoved a towel on the worst of the over spray, and came to ask for help.  With some  vice grips and recycling we put together another thing that works pretty well.  We had some clearance 'missing pieces' things we had bought last year on closeout that we robbed pieces from to make an entire working apparatus.

Also made Rice Krispie treats last night (Some to bring for tonight) and worked on our costumes.  I would like her to have something warmer for hers, .. I think she'll freeze half to death tonight.  It's been 37 and 38 every morning and I'm wrapping her in blankets at the bus stop.

making rice krispie treats

costume posts later!  We have to make an emergency cheese and coffee run to town before we get sucked into all of the festivities tonight.  I feel a little bad because they wanted me to work today (someone got really sick) but since we had made all of these plans weeks in advance and have put so much effort into it I just couldn't agree ... and they didn't press really hard.  Hope it's all okay.  (glad also I didn't have to run there to fix the broken shower head)

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