Tuesday, October 24, 2017

near ketogenic bits

I haven't been using the bike or doing yoga for more than a week - and I'm going to have to get back to it... I haven't gained any weight, either - but I haven't lost any more.  And even with cheating (Mark and Esme talked me into onion rings the other night) I've sort of stalled out at just ten pounds lost.  With the poison ivy - I really just wanted it to be over.  And it almost is.  So, I'm going to start back on the path to lose the other five pounds.  Mark says he'll chase down and destroy all poison ivy in the yard for me ;)

But I'm not sure if I want to continue with the near ketogenic diet in earnest - or just up the exercise.  I was already eating 45-50% fat before pushing the carbs down - that was my natural state, even with eating sugar and bread.  Maybe I can take these lessons learned - nuts and butter and avocadoes and such and apply them to a continued low calorie diet with heavily reduced sugar but not avoiding everything that contains starch.

I think if I up the exercise I'm going to need that.
Because its getting cold... and life just isn't slowing down.  We're going to be even busier these next few weeks.  Halloween, birthday party out at the museum... I can try it for a bit and see if I start to gain weight back or lose any.  At this point, I've already gotten more than halfway there and I have to learn the right way to keep it going.

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