Friday, June 27, 2014

harvest, and bits

 Tink sitting on one of our six week old puppies who are ready to be given away.  He had been asleep there not long before that... but woke up when he heard a camera!

Harvest tonight, squash, a single ear of corn, cucumbers, radishes, green beans and sweet peas.  That one squash really surprised me!  And there are more coming...I think the corn should be ready by the fourth of July, maybe a bit after.

There just doesn't seem to be much time lately... with work every day this week and taking Esme out to the library on Thursday.  They had a Spanish lesson that day that we did not expect - and Esme did VERY well at it.. surprised me quite a bit!  She had been quite good this week, as well - but has gotten very muddy and picking up lots of scratches learning to climb trees.  I guess that is what summer is for?  We convinced her into a bath tonight before we sat down together to watch the first half of 'Prisoner of Azkaban.'  It was very sweet all three of us cuddled up watching the movie.   I'm reading that one now on my Kindle...

I still haven't gotten the two pairs of pants even started that I wanted to... just no time, or no 'loose' time.  I should be doing more out in the garden than I am, as well.. it will soon kick into a production that will swamp us... I think.

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