Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm hearing lots of 'half-words' and words only repeated once.

'oh-en' and 'iy-en' (open), 'fay' (face), 'fah' (Faucet), 'hair tie' (loud and clear), kuh (cup), pretty (for plant again in tub), 'buh' (brush). She is working on 'f' and 'p' and 'b' sounds but has a real hard time saying 's.' I did as a kid too, because of how my teeth were spaced.

I think she is saying a lot that we just aren't getting all of, maybe because she hasn't worked out how to say the entire word yet. She would rather call the fishies 'kitties' because it's easier to say - but she has said 'fishy' several times for me.

She repeated 'mmmm' for 'moo' and a seal noise complete with clapping hands last night - both for the first time.

I was to a page in one of her magazines and pointed out a familiar picture, but I had forgotten what was on the next page. Esme knew, and she told me by touching my chest just above the shirtline - 'necklace', it was a clear symbol with clear intention. I said 'Mommy isn't wearing a necklace, but yes that is where it would be.' I turned the page and WOW - there was an advertisement for a big cut ruby necklace I've shown her looks just like my tiger-eye necklace. I was pretty surprised by that!

I really like the National Geographics - lots of real pictures she can relate to and she loves to look through them by herself. I'm going to have to look at the library for another stack for her.

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