Sunday, March 01, 2009

More words and activities at nearly 16 months

She's been repeating things like 'ABCD', 'pretty' (flower or plant), 'orange', 'fishy', 'skittle', 'put on', 'wrap up' and she made a try at 'faucet' last night as well but didn't quite get the 'f' and the 's' together. She tried 'hiss' today while pointing to my chest and dragging her finger up a little -- I think that meant 'necklace' Sometimes she still goes 'zzz' and points there meaning zipper.

She has been spinning around in circles much more - trying to see past her ear it seems. Then she falls down dizzy.

We bought her a pop-up toy where she has to push buttons different ways to get the animals to come up - it is really a 9 month toy but she never had one before. It has taken her a few days but now she can get two of them by herself and is very proud about it.

We got her a new art pad and some markers to use while supervised - she still does much better with the crayons. She is attempting to eat her crayons rarely now - and mostly to see what I will say about it. She draws circular and line motions on her paper if it is taped down to the surface.

I've been drawing the letters ABCDEFG in crayons in the tub and on her art pad to see if she will pick them up. She is, along with the quantities of 2 and 3 - although she doesn't understand one. She will repeat 'two' and 'thee' and it's usually correct to the quantity she has in her bucket. In the bathtub last night she pointed out kitty, pretty and the ABCD drawings on the walls with soap crayons and when they were gone asked me to make them again. She said the words for each of them. This morning among her 'waking up' babblings I heard 'ABCD' again before I heard the 'Dada chain' (Mama change) that usually gets me up.

Other madeup games:
She took several turns putting block cylinders and crayons in a plastic cup yesterday and dumping them out. She would give some to me and hold the cup at times asking me to 'help.'

She picks up heavy envelopes of carabiners Mark has packed and throws them down on the floor -- over and over and over again.

She came up to me and shook hands (I said 'How do you do?') She ran off and touched the far side of the room then came back and I shook hands again and said 'Nice to meet you!' and she ran off and started it all over again while laughing her head off.

We made tall paper cylinders and she puts things in there and then puts her whole arm in to get them back out. I cut a hole in the side of a cardboard box and we took turns putting her blocks in there and then trying to get them out.

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