Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Esme this week

We've been to a lot of new places lately with Esme, and a few old ones.

At the pet store:
She pointed at a long-feelered catfish and said 'Pretty!' but wouldn't even look at the guinea pigs.

At the tractor supply store:
She would not accept the rabbits were not kitties. She took a dinosaur toy I said she could have all the way over to the rabbits to show them.

At the library:
She ran and got her own puzzle out of the cabinet and carried it to the table by herself!

At the flea market:
She thought the baby goat was a doggie, until it scratched its ear with a foot. Then she asked 'meow?'

At the landscaping/greenhouse: She really liked all the fountains and the pretty red flowers and orchids in the greenhouse.

new words: 'uh-oh' when she drops something or sees something fall. A mangled form of 'ready set go' before she tosses a rubber superball - a game I started. Some babble-word that means 'hold this' when she wants to grab something else but already has something in each hand.

She tried to 'talk to grandma' on a crayon she was holding while I was on the phone - it was really cute but she was running too fast to get a good picture.

As we were riding in the car she kept pointing at trees, houses etc... 'Pretty!' I'm thinking it just means anything she likes.. but definitely an adjective and not a general name like I had thought it was.

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