Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recent Updates

I applied for and got a full-time position at work, 39 hours a week plus a raise. That is nice and we needed it - even though this means I'll be away from Esme for more time each week. I already feel how much I'm missing but at least I get to see her every day, get her up and put her to bed etc etc... some mothers where I work have two or more jobs and don't even see their kids awake during the day.

She is growing so fast - and chattering and jabbering all over the place. Just a few months ago I was worried because she wasn't talking much. I'm always the worrier. But now I can count about twenty different things she says or tries to say.

We went to the library again today even though there wasn't a kid's group this week. She ran around like crazy again, played with a puzzle and did a lot of looking for Daddy after Mark had come in and went out again. She needs to learn not to sit on the tables another little girl said. Haha! Yes she does, but it is going to be slow going.

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