Monday, December 03, 2007

More on Elizabeth

My mom and the rest of the family got to see the little one in Minnesota this weekend. She is gaining weight - but still can't come home until she is 6 lbs. The nurses have nicknamed her 'Peanut' and she keeps pulling all her wires out, grabbing their fingers when they tend to her and taking off her hat and mittens. She sounds like an active little fighter ;) My brother and SIL haven't gotten to hold her much yet - as she is in that incubator, but I think the way they describe her grabbing at the nurses means she wants some human contact. My mom also said my brother's voice makes her stop in her tracks and look around - she wants to know where that familiar voice, daddy's voice, is coming from.

Esme loves to hear her Daddy's voice as well, and stare at his dark eyebrows and sharp nose. I think she stares harder at him than she does me because his dark hair makes such a contrast. She loves lights too, and will focus on a bright light in the room when she is quiet and happy. As for human contact - besides all of our other mommy and baby time I'm making sure to take a half-hour or an hour here and there (when I can get it) to hold Esme tummy-to-tummy. She watches me for a bit, then curls up like a little frog and goes to sleep very happily.

Esme having 'tummy time' on Daddy last week
She is 1 month old now, and weighs 9 lbs, 7 oz today.


Jennifer said...

I'm glad to hear that Elizabeth is continuing to do well.

Chris said...

Elizabeth sounds like she has the strength of will already to do well.

mrspao said...

Glad to hear Elizabeth is doing well! I can't believe Esme is a month old already :)

Lynn said...

We had a friend who had their baby a month early, within a few hours of Cam's birth.
He ended up getting up to what his birth weight should have been if he was born on time, once he got to his old due date.
It was a tiring start for mom and dad, but Sonny's life has been relevantly problem free. Now he is a man and life is chuggin along like everyone his age...