Friday, December 28, 2007

Swingin' Esme

Baby Swing

We got Esme a little swinging chair that she can sit in while we work at our desks. This doesn't count as a Christmas present, unless you factor in that Mark read instructions and put it together ;)

Grandma and Grandpa watched her yesterday while I went to the store to look at all of the baby swings. As usual, she was a little angel for them. I have told them they must have a 'baby sleeping potion' in their house somewhere. She gets really fussy, usually soon after eating, because her tummy hurts. Not much helps at those times except holding her and/or bouncing her, which is tough when we have time-constraints like bank and post office.

I had been rocking her carseat carrier with my foot at those times she was cranky and I really needed to get something done at the computer. That worked pretty well, but when I get up to get a label off the printer or wrap a package she would often start to fuss again. When I have to get up I can set this swing on slow rock (which I think is kind of fast). I have to say this is a really good buy. Esme is nice and secure in it and you can turn the music on or off independent of the motion. I was worried she would be too young for a swing because she can't hold her head up continuously yet. However, this swing is for birth to 25 lbs - and cradles her just like a car seat does.

It also has a little mobile with two brightly colored stuffed creatures that hang from it. I wasn't going to hang the mobile up on the swing at all but when I tried it Esme was 'talking' to the creatures and wiggling all over.


Chris said...

Here's a good swing trick - if you're having trouble getting her to sleep when she needs to sleep, swaddle her and then put her in the swing at a higher speed. She should be unable to stay awake. :)

Jennifer said...

Ooo, a swing! Swings are wonderful things if your little one enjoys them. My kids didn't, but really like the vibrating bouncy seat.

Rhiannon said...

She looks so happy, cute and content. A mommy's dream come true... a few minutes (or more) of all that!!