Friday, December 14, 2007

A Few Developments

We've had a few developments around here, but not much.

Goofy, one of the girl puppies, went to a home.
We hope it is a good one.

Another picture of Esme, looking mischevious
she has begun to make the cutest noises and gurgles
9 lbs, 14.5 oz

We received some more assorted used inventory for our store in, and I'm going through the actions of getting pictures taken, descriptions written etc... I'm also throwing a few random items in my Etsy store every once in a while. We are trying to sell off some scrap metal that has been lying around the yard for years. We've been looking at parcels of land via internet around the areas we were interested in - but nothing to make us jump yet. The main problem is most of the places to rent don't allow smoking or pets, and we don't want to leave any of the dogs behind if we don't have to.

Elizabeth is doing well - and they have moved her up from an eyedropper to a bottle. Wow, to be so tiny you can't drink out of a bottle! Modern medicine really has done a lot to help premature babies who would never have survived before due to problems as simple as getting enough to eat.

We're not planning anything major for Christmas, as this is really our time to start organizing for whatever we are going to do early next year. It will be Esme's first Christmas but I think she is very happy with all of the love and care she gets and wouldn't know what to do with even the wrapping paper ;) She does enjoy looking at colored lights though, and Mark's parents gave him a little red/blue/green LED 'lava lamp' that she has enjoyed staring at several times.

Mark did splurge and got the latest Harry Potter movie 'Order of the Phoenix', which we will probably get to this weekend.

//off to describe modems, adapters and connectors. Have a great weekend!


Chris said...

How are you going to move with the menagerie you have?!

Jeanne said...

I'm glad to hear one of the pups found a home. Describing modems - what a way to spend a day.

RheLynn said...

Very very good question Chris - and one we're still trying to figure out. We are down to three cats and 17 dogs.

Although, two dogs are two old or sick to come with us, and there are seven puppies that will need homes as well.

Jennifer said...

We just saw Order of the Phoenix. I think the book is way better, but isn't always that way?

Carrie K said...

So six dogs, three cats and a baby. Piece of cake.

What's going to happen to the two old/sick dogs?

Describing modems. Fascinating work. Or not. ;)

RheLynn said...

the old one I think has a place she can go to live out her life... the sick one we will probably have to put to sleep :( as we can't do anything for her and have been letting her live out what life she has as long as she isn't suffering.

mrspao said...

Glad to hear the pup found a new home. I didn't realise that you had 17 dogs!!!!

stuffed said...

Aw, cute Esme pic. :0)