Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mark is coming home today!

Some of you were out of the loop, sorry about that -- but I thought it best not to post that Mark had left for his trip until he was on his way back. He is coming home today in a few hours :))

He went over half the midsection of the country - through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. He did a stopover at a family friend's store in Utah to talk about some merchandise and maybe partnering up for some shipping and supplying later on.

He saw the Very Large Array in New Mexico, and the Hoover Dam, and took some pictures.

I hope I have everything ready for him to have a nice hot bath, Southern style tea and a good steak dinner when he gets home, oh -- and a crushing bear hug from me ;)

Heard on the News: I heard something interesting on the radio (NPR) yesterday. Think you've seen more babies this year? (I was surprised to hear my brother's wife was pregnant, but so were they) and Rhiannon is expecting a baby boy, after her sister also had a baby last year. Quote: "For the first time since 1971, the nation’s overall fertility rate rose past the replacement rate, increasing 2 percent in 2006 to 2,101 births per 1,000 women. Women of almost every age had more children last year than the year before, except girls under 15 and women over 45." From this news article

Mark's family's friend Bert had a beautiful thing to say when he heard about Esme: 'You're replenishing the Earth, that is the way it should be.' Those words resonated in me when I looked at Esme today. Someday, she'll have her own baby perhaps. I'm sure my mother thought the same thing when she held me nearly thirty years ago ;)


Rhiannon said...

Fascinating about more babies and increased fertility. I knew there were a lot of babies around me (other than my sisters) being born. And then me... Big Surprise!

It sounds like Mark was busy on his trip. He went to a lot of places.

Good luck on finding your destination!

Chris said...

I'm sure it'll be great to have the family reunited.

Elison said...

So glad Mark is headed home! Yeah!

mrspao said...

Glad to hear Mark had a productive trip. Looking forward to hearing about what he found.

Jeanne said...

Since it feels like everyone I know is expecting, it doesn't surprise me to hear about an increased fertility.

thursday said...

Well, my mother is sure that all three of her married children will be having their own babies this next year...The first is due in January (my brother's first), and who knows...?