Friday, November 04, 2005

Willowpede Gets Lost!

Willow got lost tonight!

We were ready to leave work tonight around 8:30 pm, and Willowpede was nowhere to be found. We called her, by every nickname and with every cue... but no cat. We feared she might have gotten outside. There are other cats at the office who live outside (including our girls' mother) but our kittens have been 'house cats', all their lives.

I even tried calling her for 'Dinner', which is usually met with heels-over-head scampering and a slide into 'home base' at the food bowl. But still, no Willowpede.

10-15 minutes went by, with both of us coming up empty-handed. Salamander was in the truck, confused by it all.

J and I went back in the office, because as far as we knew, she should still be in there. I tried calling her again 'Willow-Willo-Will--ow!' I heard a 'thump' on the second story. I was up there just a few minutes ago... I call again on the stairs, again, a 'thump'. It is coming from overhead - inside the ceiling.

I call again, and suddenly, over the noise of J moving a ladder downstairs -- I hear another 'THUMP'.. and I see the reflection of a kitten in one of the windows. She was blithely sitting in front of the window, looking 'up', at the part of the ceiling she finally found her way out of.. I think. I didn't actually see her get down, so I might never know where she got herself stuck.

And, she must have been stuck somewhere, or asleep, or ignoring us... She hadn't meowed back to any of our calls. However, she came right to me when I said 'Willow! There you are!'.. tail up, bird-chirping and downright happy to see me (Greta Garbo cat, remember).

In the truck, she curled up in my lap, licked my hand and went to sleep. She got a little jumpy at sudden movements (like when she has been scared). A little more evidence to me that she had been trapped somewhere for a while when she was 'lost'. She stayed in my lap during the entire ride home, and is STILL in my lap as I write my entry tonight!

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