Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A rose by any other name...

If you knew our Sally (Salamander) better -- you would recognize her here! ;o) And also here You can guess then, what her nicknames besides 'Sally' are.

Willow's nicknames : this one, because she sits like this, and here, because of her jowls.

**After Midnight** — Forced two rows on the practice sweater. 16 more inches to go... I joined the Solid Sock KAL. However, the knitting pattern I want to use requires learning two new stitches. I think I learned ktbl finally -- and it is ANNOYING... at least in my style of knitting. I mirrored(for left & front/back) purl through the back loop and I think that is actually ktbl for me. Now ssk, and I should have all the stitches that the sock requires. Interweave Knits Retro Rib Socks pg 110 Winter 2004. Green sport-weight yarn.

And - HAPPY DANCING! - The Nordic Mittens I wanted to knit? They are in this magazine!! It has been so long since I paid attention to the DATES on the mags in my collection, that I didn't know I had it! - HAPPY DANCING!!! **J thought I was a nut, I was so happy this morning**

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