Tuesday, November 08, 2005

If you see a cup of coffee below, you may have a problem...

Gimp image by Marie Winger-Meyer
Caffeine Rorschach Test

Goofing around on the Gimp. Willow and Sally's younger brothers and sisters were given away :o( Their Momma-kitty isn't sure what to do.. poor Newt.

I sent MY mom her dishcloths today. I hope she likes them! I've found having a large stack of them in the house is wonderful!

It is 7 pm and J already went to bed. We had a big day with stringing fence, felling trees and clearing brush. Knitting today : 2 dishcloths.

Hey - YAY Coffee might help women's blood pressure. Too bad my blood pressure is sometimes too low! I LOVE coffee — but have to watch how much caffeine I drink, or I get dizzy!

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