Sunday, November 13, 2005

I'm knitting baby socks, DH is rightfully scared...

Saturday was a big day - and I guess I'm not really on Sunday yet, as it is 1:30 in the morning ;o) I did a lot of housework (I did laundry, and even FOLDED it... rare!), we went to the library, did shopping, baked and misc. other household things)

It was not a huge day for knitting. But I have come to a conclusion.
I am a knitting geek.

I organized my yarn by type while cleaning the living room... then I started going through my magazines looking at the size needles certain patterns require...that was the point my mom called and snapped me out of it. She got her dishcloths in the mail, and loves them! My dog-back-home is 14-15" in back length...other measurements pending.

Ha! My knitting needle 'wine-bottle-tube' thingie (bought at Michael's last year) looks just like what they are selling on Jordana Paige. Mine is a little shorter though... and doesn't close on the top when the needles are in it. I've been looking for a nice 15" wooden box with a lid. It seems a hard size to find.

Tonight, we watched Mermaid's Scar (anime) and Coach Carter. During the last movie... I knitted a pair of baby socks. J is rightfully scared ;o), as we are only planning to have a baby in a YEAR or so... But — the socks are really cute! The pattern came from Baby Fixation Socks by Steph, a free pattern online. I made them with yarn leftover from a baby blanket. I found the blanket during the living room clean, finished off the last row, and gently placed it next to our wedding scrapbook.

What am I getting myself into? I told J not to worry until I start knitting an entire wardrobe. I think the pattern was just too cute&quick to pass up, considering the circumstances.

This picture is 8 years old... wow I look the same, but different...

What colors are in your closet?: It is predominantly greens(lime and forest), browns, tweedy navys and some lively oranges. I also love olive -- it matches my eyes and my 'I-grew-up-in-Minnesota-pale' skin looks surprisingly natural in it. I have one rich-red dress that is awesome.

And this picture was 3 months ago... in the unfinished office building, with Cherry the puppy. Not all that great of a picture...

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