Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Out to the Woods!

There is a flea market in Huntingdon, TN on Tuesday mornings. They start early. Sometimes we go, but usually it is too early for us. We didn't go today, although we did get up at 8 am.

J bought a blender last night. The last one he killed in the dishwasher. We had soymilk-OJ-banana smoothies for breakfast. Sally hit the floor when I turned on the blender. Willowpede ran for the hills. Willow was also very LOUD in the truck on the way to work - I think she forgot to eat before we left the house.

I'm having a relapse in the knitting - making another dishcloth. But I think it is just compensation for knowing that the knitting on the practice sweater won't amount to anything useful. But then, knowledge is useful, eventually ;o)

OK - on to work. We were out in the woods yesterday, pulling cedar trees and brush around. J is quite good with a chainsaw. He uses a tractor to pull the trees up the hill and into a pile to dry out over the next year. We may be able to look at some land, to buy, soon. It is about five minutes drive from work, 10 acres. That would be nice, as we drive 20+ minutes everyday now.

K&M at work gave us some hickory nuts from their tree. Hard to get into? yes. Hard to get out of the shell?, yes. Delicious anyway?, YES. Thanks! I have to get K knitting soon -- she said she wanted to learn.

NOTE : Cathy from FiberFling said I could use two dog slicker brushes to get the feel of carding wool -- cheaper, and they'll do me until I decide to buy a pair of real carders.

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Lisa said...

mmmmm I'll be over soon for a smoothie, ok? teehee j/k I wish! That sounds delicious.