Sunday, November 17, 2013

When toys play army

Esme and I had a toy war today - it was kind of like a game of chess, whoever was the winner of a fight that toy got thrown 'out'... and she won by sheer numbers.  For the record I brought up at least three items she stole when I wasn't looking... and then she went and got even more reinforcements.  It was pretty fun.. and ended in foam dart target shooting, as well... the pig was a ballistic missile which matched up to her cannon... but a lady doll came and seduced Spiderman and then ran off with the elephant (who had a water attack) behind enemy lines before we could catch her.  Quite the imagination.

She had been so VERY VERY wiggly and annoying for hours and hours before this - she needed something 'big', so when she said 'Mom, let's build'.. I said 'Yes, good idea.' 

The cough is going away a bit more for me, less drainage down from my nose - she has a little still... it was a very rainy day for most of the day so staying inside and finding things to do was on the agenda from the start.

She had a visit from her Grandma Irene - and she showed her toys and puppies and kittens.  I also had her draw a picture for her Nana in Minnesota - of an invention she called a 'duck catcher', a potato on a string - I have no idea where it all came from, but she drew herself sitting at an 'invention table' showing off the potato on a string with hearts and bumblebees all around.  I'm sending that with the letter and school picture to my mom...

Back to work tomorrow,

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