Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Sixth birthday

 Esme turned six yesterday, and we brought food into her class and had a pizza and presents with Grandma later in the evening.  She had been a little sick the day before, so I was worried she wouldn't get to enjoy her birthday - but she did :) 

 Purple cupcakes and cheetos, and the walrus, up above.

A classic 'Esme' look  She looks just like she did when she was two , here...

Grandma and Esme on her sixth birthday!
An owl hat and an owl shirt :)

A happy smile as she 'walruses' the cheetos with other kids.

She chose purple frosting for the cupcakes and multicolored sprinkles.  They had zebra, giraffe and tiger patterned papers and the kids loved seeing which 'animal' they wanted to be.  As I took the lid off a kid says 'Hey, they ARE purple!'... apparently she had been informing everyone ahead of time and was proud of i.

Coming to ask for something from me and her teacher at the party - her owl shirt I gave her the night before to wear to class before her other presents.  She was so happy about it :)

She is looking all knees and legs here - working on presents at Gramdna's house.
Working hard at wrapping paper
There were several My Little Pony things from Mom and Dad, books from all of us, Spin Balls she had wanted so badly (she took a try later but it was naturally dark), light up snowflakes and hairclips and clothing.  She was very happy about the pony toy when she got home and took it all out of the package when she got home.  This morning, it was all about the striped dress and the math puzzles.

Post-birthday dress and hairclips - thank you Grandma :)  And she is playing with the add and subtract math puzzles she couldn't wait to open this morning before school.  I really thought she would pick the pink dress but she said the stripes was so pretty.  I hope she has a good day at school - I am a bit more under the weather than I was able to let on yesterday... crashed when I got home... kudos to Mark for getting her to bed and helping out this morning, as well.  We measured her against the wall where we had last year -just before her fifth birthday - and she had gained at least two inches.  She asked 'What kind of human will I be - at the six?'  She really expected a bigger change to happen - something like on the Sims whirl around in flowers and be all grown up... she knows we've talked about it but she still wishes it could be true.

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