Sunday, November 10, 2013

At the last day of vacation

It is the last day of vacation.. and we haven't been able to truly enjoy the nine days, but they are just about over.  Esme has been intense, but her cough and etc. are about halfway better.  She really needs to go to school tomorrow...

We've had a couple of  'feeling better but too much sass' days... it would be much better if 1.) it was warmer outside and 2.) she didn't have a cough that just hangs on.  We read the level 3 Secret Garden easy reader together last night - and I hope she got some of the message in it.

We took her out for a ride on her bike on the road, raised the handlebars and the seat.. she was making really good progress on the level road riding up and down.  Of course she fell several times, got back on after the tears... seriously she was more upset it seemed at the prospect her bike bell might be broken then she was at falling over the handlebars and saying we were supposed to catch her...  She has good spirits about trying it again - we had taken the training wheels off but will probably put them back on for the next lesson at least to start.

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