Sunday, November 24, 2013

inch of water

About 2 am there was a roaring sound downstairs, and the washing machine hose had disintegrated off of the valve in the wall, sending water out like a fire hose all over the garage, and building up an inch of water in Esme's room, the storage room, the bathroom and edging into the kitchen... but we stopped it before it got into the cabinets.  About 100 gallons of water picked up later we are starting to repair the washing machine and dig everything out of Esme's room that might mold and replace the flooring.  The flooring here was designed to keep the concrete floor warmer, but be easily replaceable in case there was a drainage problem from the garage door again... which happened several years ago.  We just didn't expect it to be from a non Mother Nature source in the middle of winter....

Esme was a bit upset that she lost her big horse stuffed toy, a special teddy bear and a few other things that were on the floor and full of water.  She decided she needed to add on to her Santa drawing from a few days ago and tell him what happened.

A quick 'after' shot, new flooring down, new closet rod - warm and dry in Esme's room again.
Now we have to work on the washing machine, which is a bit harder fix than we thought it would be...

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