Wednesday, February 25, 2009

15 month Stats

Some people on the boards I visit have been posting about their 15 month checkup for their November 2007 babies. We didn't have an official checkup. The health department will continue to do shots after 12 months, but no checkups. I have to see about the doctor again, I think he won't do the checkups either, but might see her if she is sick. The medical system here is very confusing, especially when you pay cash instead of insurance, you'd think that they'd make that easier not harder.

Anyway, here are Esme's stats at 15 months (and then some) taken at home by me.
She is 30.5 inches tall (there was some squirming), 25 lbs and has a 19 inch head circumference. She also has an 18.5 inch chest circumference which I measured because of the overalls I am making her. The pattern is from the 1960s and says '22 inch chest circumference' for the size. I guess it really will be a while before they will fit her. Maybe I can shrink the pattern down to try for a second pair.

The first daffodil in our yard bloomed yesterday. They've been blooming all over the countryside the past week or so.

Going to get a cup of coffee and play blocks with Esme. I think we might be able to visit Grandma and Grandpa today, we'll see. It will hopefully be library day tomorrow.

NOTE: More 'RAR' today. I was going through a National Geographic today naming all the pictures for Esme. Later she still had it and I hear her saying 'kitty... meow? RAR! RAR!' She had found a picture of a jaguar with it's teeth bared. She was also sorting carabiners between two boxes. She would put a pile of them up on the higher box and then throw some back down, only to pick some back up and put them back on her pile -- not sure what was in her mind but she had some plan going on. I gave her a few on the shelf in her play area and she was putting them in a container and dumping them out over and over again.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like she is right on track!! Thanks for the update.