Friday, July 14, 2023


I put the edges on and signed this one today, so it's basically done.  I might fuss a bit more over it another day - I did for quite a while today, seeing a tiny bit out of line there, a single pixel pore in the canvas that was still bare (beyond all belief, of how much paint I've put on this) etc...  I even put it in 'timeout' for a little bit over in the mud entry, and then retrieved it again after looking at it across the room a few times.  I'll have to rearrange my art wall, which has looked the same for a year or so, and make room for it at the top of the stairs.

'Awake from Hibernation' 
I'm on the fence about going to the art show this year.  I know that is just my social anxiety speaking - I went the past few years, and it was both good for me and also terribly hard.  And I have not finished or even hardly worked on the book I wanted to have progress with... or reprinted my author copies of Time in December.  I sold quite a few signed copies of the book at the show, and sold almost all of the ones at the gallery - and am almost entirely sold out of my personal copies.

and a sketchbook page in Denoxii
EDS / hEDS - it's tough - I've been fighting sleep all day, get myself up and make myself do things.  I fussed with my painting this morning, then planted two packets of basil, and made some flatbread, and did laundry, drank two pots of coffee, sat with my arms elevated straight over my head for a while (I do that a lot, it helps) and when I brought them back down they both sounded like rubber bands going off in succession, took an hour nap, then got myself up and ready to go out to the flea market and came home, cut up zucchini for the freezer and made dinner... and of course I fed chickens and cats and looked at the garden and watered and harvested tiny things here and there and have been trying to do something with Esme every day that I'm off because she felt sort of stagnant in her learning lately. 
Add that up and it feels like a lot, but actually, tomorrow I will have to move mountains compared to today, with a postal route scheduled... it almost feels harder to not have to do anything (muscular especially), and have to distract myself and force myself to do lots of little things instead of having that responsibility that I must do these large difficult things for hours on end and at the end I will be able to rest...and fall over. (and usually get up halfway through the night and then do the 'must' things like laundry or etc for the next day and fall over asleep again if/when Fate smiles) I'm so much more used to operating on the former, to having to operate that way... The philosopher in me stares at the ceiling and wonders about the balance of it all.
flour in a bowl, add some salt, add some water, put oil on fingers, mix with more flour until it is a non-sticky dough, add a bit more oil here and there, put on cutting board, roll very thin, adding more flour to not stick.. brush pan with olive oil, cut into pan-sized pieces, fry on each side until resembles a tortilla, but thicker, brush with more olive oil and salt if desired, put in box in fridge and eat with cheese, peanut butter, olives etc, or use with a curry sauce dish and vegetables

And we made a special trip out to a tiny flea market that has been trying to get started in Paris.  As I have philosophy on several other things - if you want to see it thrive, you've got to participate when you can.  I'm trying to point at myself in the mirror about that one and the art show, but it's not as easy to agree with when it comes to putting my art out there for a whole market booth all day long compared to going and looking at wares and produce.
This is the second time I've bought squash from this farm booth - I think it has been the same one.  The first time she had patty pans and a nice big Grey Zucchini squash.  This time she had some smaller ones that were between Grey Zucchini and White Marrow, and some Zephyrs.  
I basted this cut zucchini with olive oil and put it in a pan with frozen chopped tomatoes, Italian seasoning and fresh cherry tomatoes and added sliced frozen banana peppers after the rest had cooked for a while, then sprinkled Mexican cotija cheese on it after it was on the plate
I would like Esme to try that cheese over our next salad, and I put a little over her rice tonight.  She is an odd duck in that she likes fresh mozz. cheese but hates cheddar tasting cheeses.  She said this one wasn't bad.  She has eaten the pepperjack cheese cubed up very small on taco salad these past few weeks.

French, and Catalan - I've done some Spanish this week with Esme, as well, the back of my brain keeps bringing up words in Czech, so that will have to have a day soon

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