Thursday, July 06, 2023



sketch, the room in Barcelona, with a view of St. Bartholomew's

I cannot do justice to the textiles, they are exquisite.  I want to dream of this room again just to feel the velvets and sateens, the lace eyelet on the pillowcases and look at the pattern of little garden and animals in the drapes.

It's July, and I have just gotten off nearly two weeks of running at work.  There was a day or so in there that I got off, but it felt very long and I need some recovery time.

School will be starting in just a few more weeks again, we will have clothes and many other things to prepare.  Found a few specialty foods I've been looking for lately, but hadn't really wanted to order - so now trying to work up a few recipes.  Also, got my pasta roller machine out, and made some fresh egg noodles.


egg noodles  

1 cup plus more of flour, salt, tad baking powder, 2 egg yolks, mix - add two more whole eggs, bit more flour and bit olive oil, bit of milk to round it out, knead on a board with more flour sprinkle until does not stick much anymore, cut 4 inch long rectangles and roll through pasta roller, slice into ribbons, dry, boil for 8 to 9 minutes in salted water

brown rice flour pancake with sesame seeds

1/2 cup plus more of rice flour, salt, tad baking powder, 2 whole eggs, bit of water, tad of coconut milk, sugar (need more next time) and flour a bit more to consistency of pancake mix, heat small pan up with butter, pour in 1/2 cup at a time, sprinkle sesame seeds (untoasted) on top of batter, flip when edges are finishing slipping a bit more butter underneath to make sure sesame seeds get well coated and toast in the pan

Languages: doing French, Japanese, a tiny bit of Guarani, Catalan and Chinese, and some Spanish, playing a game I know well in French and learning names for little things I never had the need to look up before.

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