Friday, July 07, 2023


 I published that one book, Time in December, several years ago now, and sort of just threw it out into the Universe and said 'here, no backsies'... nearly unedited, raw and full of emotion - some of it was my own, some belonging to others and borrowed in a cup of milk and sugar to wash the story together into one cohesive mess...

I said to someone today - or almost did, that I feel like I've been avoiding doing more because of imposter syndrome, and because well.. just to say it, I have five - yes FIVE - others that I know I need to do work on.  But it's an echo chamber that simply seems too unimportant in light of everything else that needs to be done.  But for admittance  - here they are.

The House of Sunlight, is a book of short stories, each with a twist that makes them not what they started as, but something else, something strange with a philosophical message almost Twilight-Zoney, some twenty to twenty-five stories, and it is about 80% done unless I look at it too hard, then it stretches out to Infinity. 

Unspoken Things, Made Words, is a book of mostly poetry and prose, very emotional, very with grief and identity and Time... and it is about 90% done, but I it's in the 'I don't wanna' stage, mostly, I don't want to throw open that curtain because there's really just a little man in there in a green suit pretending to be the Wizard etc...

Cat in the Forest - a young adult book, stalled about 1/2 way through, I have ideas to shake it together into a finished story, but have failed to get back into it.

Ruby's story (title redacted, because it tells a lot about the story) - I love this one too much, and I don't want to ruin it, because she is such a feisty little dachshund and I don't want to admit I like her more than anyone else will.  I've got about ten chapters written on this one?  And I'm laughing at my own jokes too much, because Ruby thinks she's funny, and so do I.

Sam the cat and his Stripes - illustration work.. did about twelve images, it deserves more... and yet, the story itself is something I am not sure others will approve of, that the cat gets in trouble for leaving so much of himself on everything he encounters, it is my own commentary on society and what it is like to be creative in a world that just wants to work nine to five, have dinner and go to bed sort of thing

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