Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Poems for November

 some poems that have flowed out of my nib pen lately as I practice my left handed handwriting


Along Together

And we walked along in these woods, together,

along the path that few had chosen before,

the path was not well marked and at times

the ground was unforgiving,

the stones were sharp against our feet,

but on we continued

for we were together, after all

and there will always be stones

along any path


The Broken Shell

I went to the ocean and

brought back a shell

There were so many

but I did not have to choose

the ocean delivered it to my feet,

but then I decided it was for me,

and that, was a choice, indeed

(fragment on a drawing) : 

Upon this Earth we stand

for this we are given

and take forward

Clifden Castle

Oh to see those halls, to sit in those stones, once more

although, in truth, I have never been

yet these words

they echo through 

the empty windows of the photographs





With Wonder

I wondered

and that was the key to it all - 

that simple act, so easily overlooked

and yet without it 

where would we be?

A world without wonder, 

itself a thought unfathomable without the very deed -

and at that musing,

I was amused again

at how wonderful it all can be 

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