Friday, November 18, 2016

Too Much Adventure : confessions, paintings and cupcake

I got myself into a predicament this morning, and confessed it all in the post above.  The kind folks at Douglas Auto in Huntingdon ,TN came to my rescue.  

I'm going to get out my paints now and work at actually doing what I had been out there to take photographs for!  

 This was a good effort - 9x12 on paper.  I broke out the new bottle of Barn Red I've been reserving.  I need to buy a new bottle of Fuschia, too - if I'm going to paint anything like the below!

Esme was styling her pink hat and gloves today, diving through leaves and feeding her chickens.

Esme also named my camera today, the small really old one I carry 'out'  and about.   (that took all these photos).  She says it's name is 'cupcake', because that is what the shutter sounds like to her.  That works.  Me and Cupcake will be going out and about more often.. but hopefully not in any more ditches!

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