Monday, November 21, 2016

Before Thanksgiving...

The weather is getting truly cold... and it is even harder for me to keep myself out of bed after the school bus than it was when the air was warm.

'Push and Pull' (post at Niume)

I took the little camera 'Cupcake' as Esme calls it, to town with me and grabbed a few shots during my lunch break - I couldn't go far, I still really wanted to sit down and eat.  I grabbed this rather blurry image of the owls in our store Christmas tree and the shadows playing on the brick memorial outside.  The camera doesn't do very good detail shots, but it does capture shadows nicely.

 This is the memorial at Lowes, for people who have worked with us previously but have passed on by accident or disease before their time.  I knew the bricks would be showing gradient shadows because of the angle of the sun, and it might be a good painting  challenge later.

Whoever put the fake owls in there - they are interesting.

I finally ... finally... finished 'Written in My Own Heart's Blood', by Diana Gabaldon.  It is the last of the available Outlander books.  It feels like I've read this series forever, but I did like it.

Then, in almost one day, I finished an Outlander 'copycat', and am onto another.  Well, they are steamy, that is for sure.  The second one is at least more story, kind of like 'It's a Wonderful Life' meets Outlander where Fate and the angels have a hand in sending her back into the body of a woman who otherwise accidentally died.  It's called 'Time for a Highlander'.  Very silly, anyway, though.

Time to go warm up and get ready - I work tonight, then three days off for Thanksgiving, then a very Black Friday... I really hate it, but we have to ALL be there.. so we make the best of it.

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