Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The Christmas project is going along well.  I've decided to build the toy instead of buy it.    Most of the ones in this class available are for younger children, and shorter than would be useful for Esme.  There are a few 'her size' out there, but they get into the hundreds of dollars and as Mark and I talked about the other night - she probably won't be wanting it for more than a few years.  We decided to spend the money on some thing she would use longer.  But, I still wanted to build her one, even if it will only survive for a year or two.

So, I've been using what we have on hand, some cardboard, pvc pipe pieces, a storage bucket, wire, magnets, glue, paint etc...  All that would cost money, too, except that we have it already and it is sitting around unused.  And I think it is turning out okay.

I can't post pictures because it is supposed to be secret - and Esme can see the blog!  She's been good about not peeking under the sheet to see what it is, so far...

We're also encouraging her to watch and participate in cooking more (hint hint), and buying a few more cookbooks.  I made biscuits for the first time in a long time last night, from scratch, and they turned out pretty good.  I had one of the leftover ones this morning smeared with butter and maple syrup. I'm trying to collect the best basic recipes to make a 'goto' book, like we had in my mom's cupboard at home.  I was Esme's age when I began to make parts of the meal on a regular basis, biscuits, macaroni 'hotdish', rice, gravy, cake etc.... She can make scrambled eggs, corndogs and cook things in the toaster oven, but she's still afraid of it.  She is usually willing to watch me do it step by step.  I want to transition her from 'me' to 'you'... but if she doesn't see me do it enough she won't feel it is a necessary skill.  There might be a day for her - in all likelihood will, that she doesn't have the ease of going and picking up whatever she wants to eat whenever she wants it.  And it's better to learn earlier than have to struggle through it later.

Esme and I are halfway through 'Wildwood'.  We've just gotten to the part where Prue is meeting with Owl Rex and finds out about the Dowager Governess' past.... creepy!

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