Tuesday, June 14, 2016

dentist and bits

Esme had her first 'work' appointment at the pediatric dentist.  They did one side.  She was in pretty good spirits about it after a few hours.  We watched some videos and then she got antsy and wanted to do chores for money.  We're planning on going to the library today and then try to relax for the rest of the day.

My cosmos and gladiolus are blooming in the garden.  The peas are starting to put on pods which is really great as it has been so hot I've worried they'll just die off.

I'm reading a book 'Sisters of the Raven' by Barbara Hambly - A world that is dying in drought because they had relied on magical spells to bring the rains for generations.  Now, the men are losing magical powers and women seem to be gaining them where no woman ever had magic before.  Some of the wizards are proud to see magic somewhere, anywhere- others think the women have found a way to steal their power.  The society is suffering political and social strife at all levels of the class system while dark forces are moving against sorceresses (Ravens) that have no one to turn to for protection...  and some of the darkest wizards are turning to necromancy to keep any shred left of power they can manage, performing awful deeds that must be stopped.

I'm also working on a rug for Esme's room she wanted.  I hope I can get her to get a few books to read for the summer reading program and turn them back in this Saturday for a prize. 

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