Tuesday, June 21, 2016

birthday bits

 I took my usual walk this morning at sunrise.  Thought about a lot of things.
Came back from the garden with this little beauty, made green tea with honey and listened to music.
The cleome was blooming, too - but only one and I left it there.

A flower from my garden this morning, among the clay trinkets I made last year.

Mark and Esme gave me some pretty and useful gifts :)  and a big sketchbook.  I got Pirates of Dark Water last week and we've been watching it.

Experiments in basketmaking - two different little brown baskets made with a crochet hook stitching brown weaving yarn around sisal twine.  I'm using them to store thread in on the hooks above my sewing machine.  I'd like to try to make a few washable ones for Esme's room out of nylon cord and the rest of her pink and purple rug yarn.

I also finished the blue shawl (and wore it this morning to walk), and the floor rug for Esme's room.  

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