Friday, June 24, 2016

bit in bit

Finally got the placement test scheduled.  Also, gave Esme a simple math placement test off of a reccommended site and she is well above grade level, which is good.  I'm not sure I can get her to do their reading assessment, though - it was tough for me with their format that didn't let you read the page again while referring to 'paragraph four' etc... I think she'll really do fine.  I've been approved for a vacation during the days leading up to her starting school - all but one day, so it is kind of split.

I worked HARD at work today - probably moved about fifty times my own weight over the course of a few hours.  One thing I almost didn't get moved... but with some physics finagling I worked it onto a machine and then did the same sort of physics trick to get it into a safe place on a shelf... using gravity in my favor etc.  Our new manager has been really bad about putting anything in topstock - even though he has licenses for more than I do... so I took it to heart today and along with a little help from the other two part-timers in my dept we cleared the board and got us back on track.  I think my muscles are going to hurt tomorrow!

Not much else to report.  Esme and I are both (almost) down to one book left to read for our week, but I don't have a weekday off until next Friday.  We might have to squeeze a morning in there somewhere or have Mark take her.  I do have this Sunday off but we  can't get any new books then!

We've been watching Pirates of Dark Water, Thundercats and also watched Freaky Friday tonight.  We finished 'Bunnicula' together the other night and it is now firmly a part of Esme's imagination.  Heh.  I knew she would like it.

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