Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Intense Wednesday

Story writing time... she needed spelling help, 
so we did spelling words afterwards.

7.30a    - discussion of the Declaration of Independence, why
      G. Washington didn't sign - browsing through topics on history magazine website
8a    - break

8.30a    - Vet visit, weighing dogs
9a    - break

10.30a    - story writing, copying address onto a letter
11a     - reading Martha Speaks Thief of Hearts,  spelling words
11:30a     - break

12p    - multiplication tables 0-5, recombining groups (8x3 equals 6x4 equals 12x2)
12.45p    - vocabulary words - copywork from list

1.15p    - PE (30x sit ups, 50x 5lb deadlift, 30x 5lb squats, 50x 5lb

1.30p    - vocabulary words - making sentences
1.45p    - Nat'l Geographics with mom - peoples of the arctic and map
2p    - done

Add extra credit for talking about the spaying of the three dogs, post-operative care, how long they will take to heal, what they need, how to reassure them...  She was very concerned.. said that this looked like a terrible thing we had done - because each dog had a cut and they were weak and disoriented from the anesthesia...  then we told her how it had happened to several others of our dogs, and they felt better afterwards and were healthy now... and she finally decided she would let them rest and hope they will all get better soon.  She also asked if it was okay to skate downstairs while the dogs were resting and sleeping upstairs.  Very considerate.

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