Tuesday, July 08, 2014

garden produce and Esme's Halloween tree house

Garden produce
I've put the sunflower head in a paper bag to dry out for chicken feed, and the purple gladiolus is in a vase.

Esme and I made a 'treehouse' this morning in Minecraft,
 and then she built a Halloween party and waterslide in it...
She was so happy that it snowed.

She's really going to want me to do this every morning before I go to work... already has it planned again for tomorrow.  She really does show a lot of critical thinking doing it, but as Mark and I were discussing tonight - during the summer time we are just so tired doing things all day from dawn to well after dusk.  Esme didn't go to sleep until after 10 tonight again... and that was a battle then.  She was fast asleep on our bed and woke up saying 'What no, I wasn't asleep.. I wasn't.'

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