Thursday, July 03, 2014

Esme Minecraft horse houses

I haven't been doing much myself, working odd shifts and we do plan on doing something tomorrow that is pretty intensive.  Esme has been biding the time with Minecraft and playing with puppies and outside.  She is getting quite detailed again with the Minecraft!
We built this one sort of together yesterday - it extends for three rooms behind and has a garden.  It is a 'sleepover house' with lots of beds in the middle room and a cow viewing area in the front with a sign that says 'cows.'  She says they need milk for breakfast.

 A house with a horse viewing room on the bottom, a sunflower garden in the middle, and a large 'dance floor' and pool on top.

This was this morning, with two garden rooms, a side garden that has cocoa beans in it (exactly like we had built in the pink house above), and a lower horse viewing room again with haybales and water.  She built this one out of the side of a mountain.

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