Sunday, February 02, 2014


I've put half a new row on the pieced quilt I was working on about five, six months ago?  Maybe longer ago than that.  And I've discovered a new 'easier' way to make the blocks, so we'll give that a try on another day.  We start another long week of work here... been knitting on the blanket, trying to think what yarn I have would be right for fingerless mittens and taking in a lot of eye candy on quilts, fabric, yarns... not buying anything, but thinking.  I am on the lookout for, next time I am in the fabric section, another blue fabric with white dots.  I really do love the two dresses I have made for Esme (green, and light turquoise) that are this simple dotty fabric.  I saw some things over at TownMouse (link aside) and a few other places this week that just made me inspired to make MORE things than what I've been doing.  And that is what led to the quilt work yesterday and today, as well.

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