Tuesday, February 25, 2014


 I thought well this is a knitting blog - and I have been knitting but haven't shown too much of it lately.  The scarf on the left was made several years ago from fine weight wool Palette yarn (Knitpicks).  I have worn it a lot since then.. even though I never really planned to use it when I made it.  Started in one in this soft yarn - not keeping to any specific pattern, sort of 3 garter stitch edge and a mixture of checkers and ribs that evens itself out to the odd 40 stitches I chose.  It is the soft texture and the versatility of it that will matter in the end, not if I kept the pattern for three rows or five.

This is the striped blanket I started after Christmas.  I hadn't picked it up for a while, but put the green and red parts on it lately, and am planning to repeat from the earlier red with those colors again.  It will be full to queen size when it is finished, basing that off the width of our air mattress.  Mark says eventually there will be so many blankets on the bed he won't be able to breathe... well, it is always nice to have a pretty backup item.  The brown and blue blanket (throw size, used as backdrop first picture) I made several years ago is used daily as a shawl, and the queen size striped and Esme's twin sized pink/blue stripe are in daily use. 

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